Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The following is an editorial.

As if the recent debate over whether or not raise the debt ceiling wasn't bad enough, now comes a new book by James Gilligan (and yes, that is his real name as far as I know) who says, after studying the records from 1900 to 2007, he has found a possible correlation between a dramatic rise in the American suicide and homicide rates during a Republican President and an equally dramatic decrease in those same numbers during the term of a Democratic President.

In his new book, Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others, Gilligan examines the issue in further detail, stating that not only has he checked over a century's work of records, but goes on to explain the whys and wherefores.

The psychiatrist, who has already authored several books on the subject of violence, says that it is more a question of each party's policies and politics than just a specific reflection/reaction to the individual person in the position.

Especially over the last couple of decades, the Republican Party seems to have become more representative of what is commonly known as "big business" while the Democrats support the people, especially those in the lower and middle classes.

While no one on The Free Choice staff has a degree in psychiatry themselves, it certainly does not require one to realize that politics is not a game and is more stressful at times to the people it affects than those actually participating in the process.

The above was an editorial.

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