Monday, August 22, 2011


The Free Choice E-zine's resident poet Nancy A. Hansen has just had her first novel published by Pro Se Press.
FORTUNE'S PAWN, although a self contained story, is the start of both a new ongoing fantasy series and its opening story arc.
This one has it all! Elves, Humans, Weremon, Sorcerers, Naiads, monsters, and more collide as Evil wants to rule everything, but prophecy foretells of a Child of Three Races who will grow up to unite the scattered protectors of the Light World.
In a time of great upheaval, a young woman begins a journey of adventure and discovery decreed by fate. Will she live to meet her destiny as the mother of the foretold savior when the forces of both good and evil conspire to make her a pawn in their game of conquest?
Besides being a close friend of the author, I had the honor of proofreading the novel before it was submitted for publication, and it is no brag or hype when I say that this book is worthy of being amongst any volume on your bookshelf.
It can be found on Amazon by listing the title in the site's search box and is great reading!

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~Nancy said...

Thanks so much Lee, for the promote, as well as your tireless editing, and the times you just held my hand and reassured me I could do this.