Sunday, August 7, 2011


Pro Se Press is proud to announce the first issue of its new MONTHLY anthology magazine: Pro Se Presents.
Each issue will feature stories from within three different themes: Fantasy and Fear, Masked Gun Mystery, or Peculiar Adventures; as Pro Se's previous magazine efforts are now united under one banner so
readers can acquire the best of NEW PULP each issue without having to buy three separate titles.
Within the first issue are three pulse pounding stories.
"Art Imitates Death" by Sean Taylor poses the question: just how far should the artistic envelope be pushed?
Don Thomas contributes "Andar and the Farmer", whereupon the two title characters team up to combat a menace that threatens a peaceful village; and in our last story
Ken Janssens' Sherringford Bell returns in "Scandal of the Bohemian" and discovers that there is more happening in Washington DC than just politics.
Three great stories in the first issue for the low cover price of just $6 (six American dollars).
Future issues will feature a rotating cast of authors and characters, including more stories by these gentlemen, Nancy Hansen, Tommy Hancock, other talented writers, and yours truly, who just happened to proof read all three of the exciting tales in this first issue, so I personally know how good it is!
Pro Se Presents will be available each month from both Amazon and its Create Space division.

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