Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The following is an editorial.

After passing both the House of Representatives and the Senate, President Barack Obama signed the new budget bill into law August 2nd, thus missing the country's self-imposed default deadline by hours.
Neither Democrats, Republicans, nor the President himself are totally happy with the measure; but all agree that this bill, while a compromise, was better than facing the consequences had the deadline passed with no action at all being taken.

It should be noted that Democratic Arizona Representative, Gabrielle Giffords made it to the Congressional floor, for the first time since being shot in January 2011, to cast her vote in favor of the budget bill. While still not fully recovered enough to totally resume her duties, Giffords is reported as saying the issue was too important for her to sit on the sidelines, but Congress should have handled the matter better than it did.

The Free Choice E-zine whole hardly agrees with the Congresswoman and wishes her well on her road to recovery.

The above was an editorial.

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