Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello Everybody.
We even has a special pink toned font to celebrate today.
Although not an official Federal holiday here in the United States, Mothers Day was established by Congress in 1908 at the urging of Anna Jarvis.
I was just a freshly weened puppy when I was shipped off to the local pet store, but we keep in touch. Mom and I howl at each other through the "Twilight Bark" (a 101 Dalmatians reference for anyone who has read the book by Dodie Smith) every once in a while to make sure our noses are cold and our fur's clean.
But anyway, before this goes off on an emotional tangent I would prefer not to go down, let's hear some good Mother's Day related jokes.

What did the mother bee ask the cranky baby bee to do?
Bee have.

One day a young boy came home from school and said to his mother, "I've got a sore tummy!" His mother said, "You'll be OK it's just empty. After you eat something you will be alright," and she was right. Moments later his Dad came home complaining of a headache. "You'll live!" said the boy knowingly, " It's just empty!"

What did the baby porcupine ask the cactus?

Are you my mother?

Do baby lambs ask their mommies for their baa-baas when they’re hungry?

What? Did you think I was going to insult someone's mother?

Silly Humans.
In any event, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
*hoooowwwwlllll...., bark woof arf Mom!*

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