Sunday, May 27, 2012


WHAT great responsibility???
Hello Everybody. It's the Memorial Day weekend here in the United States of America, so Ms. Waxy Dragon and Autumn the Puppy are not here today. Thus writing this weekend's Sunday Funnies falls upon me, your humble Editor-In-Chief.
Now Memorial Day itself is no laughing matter, so let me try to entertain you with some jokes.
Since the ladies were asking questions over the last couple of installments of this column, let me pose a few of my own.

When you leave the optometrist after an appointment, should you say "See you later?"

Is Stu really a good name for a cook?

If Shakespeare's right and "All the world's a stage", then where is the audience sitting?

If you follow the Boy Scouts' motto of "Be prepared", then doesn't that make anything unexpected expected?

What's the point in singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" when you're already there?

If a word was ever misspelled in a dictionary, how would we know?

Remember those who defended you!
If a psychic truly sees something disastrous happening in the future, shouldn't they warn someone for free instead of charging them for the information?      

What if there were no rhetorical questions?

If love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular?

On that note, please remember that there is a LOT more to this holiday than just a three day weekend from work and school, and we hope to see you back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!-lthjr

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