Saturday, May 19, 2012


May 24th marks the 40th anniversary of the Video Game Age with the original release of the Maganvox Odyssey home gaming system in 1972.

Amongst events that have happened around the world this past week...
*At $38 US Dollars a share, Facebook, Incorporated raised $16 Billion USD in their Initial Public Offering on Wall Street yesterday.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria and Yemen.
*Sadly, the Mexican War against Drugs not only remains unresolved, but is currently heating up again in that country.
*Singer Donna Summer (Love to Love You Baby, Last Dance) lost her battle with lung cancer this week.
*The finals of the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant will be held tonight in Toronto, Canada.
*For their high school year book, eight ladies with the same last name got together and posed wearing the exact same dress and hairstyles. A quote, when read in alphabetical order based upon their first names, says "We know what you're thinking but no, we're not related." The octet all share the same last name (Nguyen) but come from eight different families, with no siblings amongst them.

*The first round of Interleague play for the 2012 Major League Baseball season begins this weekend.
*The Olympic Flame has arrived in England to start the last leg of its relay journey before the 2012 Summer Games begin in London this July.

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