Monday, May 7, 2012



Pro Se Productions, a New Pulp Publisher noted for bringing monthly Pulp magazines into the modern era, announced TWO new releases today!

The latest issue (#9) of its award winning magazine Pro Se Presents features the first half of an epic new adventure set in the classic era of the Pulps, featuring a mix of new characters as well as fantastic original Pulp characters that are now in the Public Domain!

THE SONS OF THOR by noted New Pulp Author Erwin K. Roberts is so much of an epic that it will consume TWO full issues of Pro Se Presents. Finishing in Issue 10, this story looks at the prospect of the villains being as strong, if not better, as the heroes who stand against them!

"They believed themselves to be the chosen of the old Norse Gods. Thinking themselves even better than the current regime of Germany, they would rule first all of Europe, then the entire world. Heaven help the foolish who dare to challenge THE SONS OF THOR!"

Erwin K. Roberts
"Naturally I'm thrilled to have The Sons of Thor in print," said Roberts.
"There are four parts to the epic. Each has a main protagonist, plus one or more guest stars. This includes a character from the UK story papers who has never before appeared on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean. And some historical people appear too.
"Among those real people are a truly important part of history. The members the very real 369th Infantry Regiment called themselves The Men of Bronze, but earned the name Hellfighters From Harlem
"In addition to their combat record, the 369th Regimental Band is also accredited with introducing Jazz to Europe. I featured them in a certain Richard Curtis van Loan's first recounted adventure during World War One."

Pro Se's latest novel release, THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE by P.J. Lozito, is taking New Pulp by storm. 

“Having appeared in two past issues of Pro Se Presents, the Manticore is already a fan favorite,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se Press, stated. “An instant hit since his debut in the magazine earlier this year; PJ’s hero has definitely struck a chord with New Pulp fans, both those interested in stories that read and feel like they were written in Pulp’s heyday and those who like new insights and twists on the old style. Giving the Manticore and his colorful cast of goodies and baddies a full length venue to play from was not only an easy decision, it was most definitely the best place for both writer and creation to display pure New Pulp awesomeness.”

"Hunting the most dangerous prey imaginable: criminals and villains who are out to destroy our society. Brent Allred and his mysterious assistant Bako wage war against enemies who mock the law, but will feel its strength by THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE!
"The Silver Manticore, a masked marauder wanted by the law and criminals alike, is about to undertake what will be one of the greatest adventures of his incredible career. Drawn into a web of suspense and intrigue that will bring him face to face with his most dangerous enemy as they begin a battle that will span decades and generations!"

Featuring a stunning cover by award winning artist David L. Russell and exquisite formatting and design by Sean E. Ali (who also did the cover to Pro Se Presents #9) THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE is destined to be a New Pulp Classic, appealing to fans of Action and Larger than Life Heroes everywhere!


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