Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hello Everybody. Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here. I've given Autumn the Puppy and Ms. Waxy Dragon the weekend off to handle something a bit of a departure for this installment of the Sunday Funnies.

Entertainment legend Andy Griffith passed away Tuesday, July 3.
Now a lot has been said about the man, but I would like to add a few words of my own, if I may.
The first time I saw Griffith act in anything was not a rerun of the original Andy Griffith Show, but on another television program called Salvage 1, about a junk man (Griffith) with aspirations of going to the moon. Something as a science fiction fan I could relate to, especially since no one has made the journey since the end of the Apollo missions! The series lasted only 20 episodes between the Spring and Fall of 1979, but are definitely worth watching and owning on DVD.

But perhaps next to attorney Ben Matlock, the role Griffith will probably best be remembered for is the apparently easy going Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry.
The original Andy Griffith Show is still very popular in reruns today, perhaps because it harkens back to a more simpler time in life, or because it never talked down to its audience. Sheriff Taylor kept the peace in Mayberry for eight television seasons, without ever once firing his weapon!

Now, many people can whistle or hum the famous opening theme, but did you know that it has lyrics?
Andy Griffith recorded the song for the album Songs, Themes, and Laughs from the Andy Griffith Show in 1961.
Here now, courtesy of YouTube, is the single, accompanied by visuals from the show.

And even before gaining fame as Sheriff Taylor, Andy Griffith was already developing his laid back comic routine. Here, also courtesy of YouTube, is one of my father's favorite singles, Griffith performing his classic routine "What It Was, Was Football" from 1953.

The world is a little sadder with his passing, but at least Andy Griffith can still make us laugh.

(One of the ladies will be back next weekend with the regularly scheduled Sunday Funnies).
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