Thursday, November 8, 2012



"In Connecticut, we have elections, not auctions."
The above was said by Connecticut State Governor Dan Malloy late Tuesday night, after it was officially declared that Democratic hopeful Chris Murphy defeated Republican Linda McMahon for a position in the US Senate, despite the fact that the World Wrestling Entertainment executive outspent Murphy at every turn.

Similar results can be seen in the Presidential race. Republicans and people acting upon their behalf invested heavily in a media blitz, especially within the last 72 hours before the election. Yet Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden defeated Republican hopefuls Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

The actual vote came down to 60,743,181 for Obama/Biden to 57,853,713 for Romney/Ryan. The electoral college vote resulted in 303 to 206 for the Democrats, with 270 needed for victory. Surprisingly, Florida never officially declared a winner, despite the individual voting results being 50% for Obama and 49% for Romney.

An estimated 57.5% of eligible Americans voted, a record turn out in a critical election. But while the Democrats now have stronger control in the Senate, the Republicans managed to maintain control of the House of Representatives, so it remains to be seen how the next session will play out come January 2013.

Meanwhile, some Republicans are up in arms at the results. Donald Trump wants to stage a protest march in Washington, DC. To which the Free Choice E-zine reminds the gentleman that while he should appreciate living in a country where free speech is allowed and he has every to exercise that right, Mister Trump should also be aware that treason is a Federal offense.

*Colleen Lachowicz, the Maine Democratic for the US Senate defeated her Republican opponent, despite the fact that the opposition tried to hold the fact that she plays World of Warcraft against her. As reported in a previous WEEK IN REVIEW post in this E-zine, Blizzard looked into the situation and found no evidence of the World of Warcraft game site having been hacked. However the person(s) responsible for breaching their privacy policy and publicly revealing game statistics, let alone repeating posts from the game's private message board, have yet to be identified.
*Tammy Baldwin will be the first openly lesbian/gay US Senator when she takes office next January to represent Wisconsin.
*Maryland, Maine, and Washington have all approved same sex marriages.
*Minnesota has voted to make discrimination against people preferring their own gender illegal.
*Colorado and Washington have decided to legalize marijuana. However, users must be over 21!

And in the most interesting development in the 2012 elections, Puerto Rico passed a referendum to petition to officially join the United States. It has been an American colony since the early 1900s. There is no estimate on how long the process will actually take.

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