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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 is Election Day here in the United States. While incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama won our readers’ poll and official endorsement for reelection, The Free Choice E-zine totally supports their choice.

Here’s why.

President Obama has been consistent on his views, positions, and opinions throughout both his first term and on the campaign trail.
Mitt Romney has, at times, said anything that he thinks will earn him votes, thus making it difficult to comprehend just where he stands on specific issues.

Obama is on record for his belief that a woman’s health should be between the lady and her doctor, and supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
Romney, with his "binders full of women" he mentioned on several occasions during the second debate about how difficult it allegedly was to find qualified female applicants for openings in Massachusetts during his time as state governor, has never commented on Ledbetter. He is on record that he would end funding to Planned Parenthood and sign any bill that overturns Roe vs. Wade, while some Republicans think that a pregnancy induced via rape is “A gift from God” and would force the expectant woman to carry the child to term or face jail time! (Click image below to read better.)

Image courtesy of Facebook. FACTS VERIFIABLE ANYWHERE

In his first term, President Obama HAS strengthened Medicare benefits, including new coverage for preventative care; started closing the coverage gap on prescription drugs, and has protected Social Security from privatization.
Mitt Romney has said that if elected, he would turn Medicare into a voucher program’; reestablish the “donut hole” to save money, which would increase senior citizen costs; and reorganize the qualifications for future retirees hoping to acquire the fewer benefits that would be available then.

Should we even mention President Obama's foreign policy record, including the execution of Osama Bin-Laden while he is the current Commander-In-Chief; let alone America's diplomatic relations with other countries?
Romney made several social faux-pas overseas earlier this year while attempting to raise campaign funds and introduce himself to our allies.

And what about the future, you ask.

President Obama is on record that during a second term, he would make education and job training a priority, further promote American manufacturing and energy production, reduce the deficit responsibly, and end the war in Afghanistan while concentrating on our country’s infrastructure.
Romney is on record that he would end government funding to PBS and NPR, slash education funding and Pell Grants, will increase military spending despite the fact that the Pentagon itself has asked for no additional funding; and is in full support of continuing the George W. Bush administration’s tax cuts for the wealthy, expecting the middle and lower classes to make up the difference.

Who will look out for YOU?
In the end, it comes down to belief. Who do you think will support and work for ALL Americans instead of just the wealthiest?

Truth in advertising?
Do you remember this image (on the right) from the 2012 Republican National Convention?
Was the placement of the signage an honest mistake, or a subtle reminder of how things developed under the George W. Bush administration and how the Republican party has reacted to a Democratic President?

After all, WHICH party has been mentioned during every news report about errors and possible fraud in the early balloting?
(Hint: it AIN'T the Democrats!)

If you need more evidence that President Barack Obama deserves a second term in office, then check out this link:

Political analyst and reporter Steve Benen has been following Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, and has documented 917 LIES over the past 41 weeks! Complete with physical evidence and references!
Is Mitt Romney really the man you want as your next president?


Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-in-chief: The Free Choice E-zine


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