Sunday, November 18, 2012


Grrrl gone wild!
Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here welcoming you to another edition of The Sunday Funnies, and today I'm telling dog themed jokes.

There's an old joke that says dogs leave their vehicles in barking lots, but it's totally unfair to us canines! You people give us licenses, but the only time we're ever allowed to go in the car is for trips to the vets!
What's the problem: insurance coverage for us cost too much or what?
Of course there's also the sequel where the dog had to go to court because he got a barking ticket. What's the matter, you couldn't take the poor pooch to a tennis court or park and play fetch?

Three male dogs were interested in the same female, so she told them to make a sentence using the words liver and cheese.
The first dog said, "I love liver but hate cheese."
The second dog said "I love cheese but hate liver."
Then the third dog said, "Liver alone, cheese mine!"

A barber is servicing a customer in his shop when suddenly, two dogs outside start fighting over a large bone.
"Somebody has to do something before those dogs hurt each other," said the barber.
Then a man stood up, walked outside, and put his foot between the two dogs.
The dogs suddenly grew quiet and backed away.
The barber and his customers were very happy that the dogs had stopped fighting as the man came back inside.
But the barber was curious how the man accomplished the task.
"Simple," the man replied. "I wear Hush Puppies."
Now my question is simple, what happened to the bone?

What goes "Woof, woof, tick, tick"?
A watch dog.

A teacher in school wondered why one child's composition about his pet was exactly the same as his brother's.
"Did you copy his?" she asked.
"No ma'am. It's about the same dog," he replied.

What type of dog grows on a vine?
A melon collie.

Did you hear about the dog that went to the flea circus?
He stole the show!

And of course, vampires prefer to own bloodhounds!
On that note, I'm gonna call it a day. Have a great week, Happy Thanksgiving, and if anyone's wondering what to get me for Christmas; I only want one thing: BETTER DOG THEMED JOKES!

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