Sunday, November 11, 2012


The following is news with editorial commentary.

The election is over in the United States of America and Incumbent President Barack Obama has won a second term in office.
Democrats are rejoicing while Republicans and their supporters are fuming.
But if some of you think the wrong man won, let's shed a little light on something that happened the day AFTER the election.
On the morning of November 7, President Obama made a surprise visit to his campaign headquarters and personally thanked all the personnel present for their support and work. The video of that visit can be found throughout the Internet.
Meanwhile, campaign workers for Mitt Romney woke up to discover that the Republican hopeful for the Presidency had cut off all funding to his campaign, closing ALL expense accounts and business credit cards in the process. Thus leaving many now ex-employees and volunteers stranded across the country far from their respective homes!

The Free Choice E-zine is happy to report that most of those stranded workers have since made it safely home, although at their own expense, considering that the Romney campaign originally transported them across the country as a business expenditure.

So if you think the wrong man won the election, just remember the above and think about how bad a Mitt Romney administration would have been!

The above was news with editorial commentary.

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