Saturday, December 29, 2012


*For the first time in our history, the Free Choice E-zine has been honored with over 2000 page views (readers' visits), within a single month! December 2012 is also the fourth consecutive month of this establishment having more than 1000 page views and the fifth overall within this e-zine's career!

Amongst events that have happened around the world this past week...
*The "fiscal cliff" grows near for the United States government. If Congress cannot agree on a new budget by the last second of 2012, preprogramed budget cuts and an automatic tax hike of up to $2500 for the average citizen take effect. The problem? Republicans still want to preserve the George W. Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, a position Democrats have been opposed to since Day 1.
*A 17 year old India girl committed suicide after being raped instead of giving into pressure by local police to marry her attacker! Meanwhile another lady in India, who was gang raped on a bus in Delhi, has passed away from injuries sustained during that attack.
*China has officially opened a high speed rail route between Beijing and Guangzhou.
*Park Geun-hye has been elected as the first female President of South Korea. Meanwhile, that country's Defense Ministry claims North Korea's recent satellite launch was actually a missile test in disguise.
*Technically Egypt has adopted a new constitution, but those opposed to it are raising questions of voter fraud and violations that need to be investigated.
*Former US President George H.W. Bush is recovering from his recent hospital stay.
*Former South African President Nelson Mandela is receiving at home care after a recent hospital visit.
*NASA hopes to turn an asteroid into a space station for future astronauts traveling between the Earth and Mars by 2025.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, and Northern Mali.

This past week, the world has lost actor Jack Klugman (The Odd Couple, Quincy, M.E.), actor Charles Durning (The Sting, Dog Day Afternoon), Gerry Anderson (executive producer Thunderbirds, Space: 1999), and retired US General Norman Schwarzkopf (the Gulf War).
On New Year's Eve, the Free Choice E-zine will be presenting its annual IN MEMORIUM list of those who have left us this past year.

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