Saturday, April 6, 2013


A movie classic on DVD & Blu-Ray!
Today marks the 45th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey's initial theatrical release. 

Amongst events happening around the world this past week:
*In their latest round of saber rattling, North Korea has warned anyone with an embassy in that country to evacuate its occupants by April 10th. Otherwise the government "cannot guarantee their safety". Meanwhile, although South Korea and its allies are stepping up their defenses just in case, it is rumored that some of North Korea's allies will not support that country launching an unprovoked attack upon any foreign power.
*China is investigating six recent deaths resulting from the H7N9 bird flu.
*NASA as announced that the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer monitor on-board the International Space Station has found evidence that might confirm the theorized existence of dark matter.
*Scotland's regional police departments have been unified into one national police force to protect the whole country more efficiently.
*While the final details have yet to be worked out, Uruguay is one step closer to legalizing same gender marriage in that country.
*Civil unrest continues in Pakistan, Northern Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

President Obama
*United States President Barack Obama is about to release his 2013-14 budget proposal, saying that while it is not his "ideal plan", the budget does offer "tough reforms" while scuttling some tax breaks for the wealthy.
*Meanwhile, although there was no official requirement to do so, President Obama is voluntarily giving the government back 5% of his monthly pay to help with the Federal budget since the Republicans let the sequester pass unchallenged. No other US government official of any rank has yet to make a similar gesture at post time for this week's news round up.
*Despite the best lobbying and scare tactic efforts of the National Rifle Association and its allies, the State of Connecticut has passed what will be the toughest gun control regulations in America in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
*IBM has decommissioned their Road Runner supercomputer, since it is no longer the world's fastest system.
*Jury selection has begun in the wrongful death trial of entertainer Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009 under questionable circumstances.

*Jane Henson, wife and fellow Muppeteer of the late Jim Henson, has lost her brief battle with cancer.
*Noted film critic Roger Ebert lost his battle with cancer.
*Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comic book artist Carmine Infantino.
*Bob Clarke, long time Mad magazine contributor.
*George Gladir, long time writer/artist at Archie Comics and co-creator of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

*The NCAA College Basketball tournaments are winding down. The Men's Division enters the Final Four with Wichita State versus Louisville and Syracuse versus Michigan, with the Championship game scheduled for Monday, April 8. Meanwhile, the Women's Division is held on a delayed basis, so they will be starting their Final Four Sunday with Louisville versus California and UConn versus Notre Dame, with the Championship game held this coming Tuesday night, April 9.

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