Saturday, May 3, 2014


The May 1, 2014 episode of Jeopardy! posed a very interesting question in the final round.
"These two letters are the least used among the 50 states, appearing only once each", or words to that affect.
The correct answer was: "What are J (for New Jersey) and Z (for Arizona)?" but that got me to thinking about the rest of the alphabet, hence this special edition of THE LETTER SHUFFLE!

Not counting the District of Columbia and any territories:
01. What is the most used letter when spelling out the names of all 50 states?
02. What letter is not used at all?
03. What letter starts the most state names?
04. What letters do not start any state names?
05. Can you make any words out of the letters that answer Question 4?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results from the April 26, 2014 Puzzle Corner.

Based upon the clue, "A Jane Fonda movie directed by Chris Columbus" would be Coming Home Alone.

What requires "a little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul"?
The Loco-motion. While Grand Funk Railroad and Kylie Minogue have both recorded versions, the song originated in 1962 with Little Eva (Boyd) who had a hit with her debut tune.

Video courtesy of You Tube.

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