Sunday, May 4, 2014


Doesn't need a Millennium Falcon
Wants to meet a Wookie
"Hello Everybody! We have a very special Sunday Funnies for you today, with both Waxy Dragon AND Autumn the Puppy!"

"That's right Waxy. Today is May the Fourth, adopted by science-fiction fans everywhere as International Star Wars Day! May the Force Fourth be with you. Get it?"

"I get it Autumn. But while we have celebrated every year at The Free Choice E-zine offices, this is the very first time since the event's been established that May the Fourth has ever fallen on a Sunday, so we're going to celebrate in style this year with some Star Wars themed jokes!"

Another galaxy; far, far away...

What do you call Storm Troopers playing cards?
A game of clones!

Why did the evil Jedi cross the galaxy?
To get to the dark side!

Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?
Because they're always making new friends!

Since Disney now owns the Lucas Films properties (and the reason why we can't post official Star Wars images), what is Darth Vader's favorite song?
♪ When you wish upon a death star... ♫

Do Star Wars fans going shopping at the Darth Maul?

"Okay everyone, true story!" said Autumn. "Once upon a time, a company wanted to hold a contest to drive up their sales income. The winner was supposed to get a Toyota, or so the employees thought. When a winner was announced, she got a stuffed Toy Yoda! Mad, she threatened to sue, and the case went all the way to Federal court, where the judge said the company didn't actually violate any laws because nothing was ever written down! Makes you wonder if Emperor Palpatine had pointy hair?"

"Well, I don't think we did too bad for our first Sunday Funnies Star Wars," added Waxy. "Too bad that, because of leap years, May 4th doesn't fall on a Sunday again until 2025!"

"There, there, Waxy. Don't cry. We're going to close this out with something VERY SPECIAL! Courtesy of You Tube, the officially authorized video to The Saga Begins by 'Weird' Al Yankovic!"

Here, next weekend be, for more Sunday Funnies,
And May the Force Farce be with you!

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