Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello Everybody. Autumn the Puppy here.
It's a lazy Sunday morning out here in the yard. I'm lying down next to my doghouse enjoying the sun, listening to the bird songs (no, they don't take requests) and just kicking back enjoying the peaceful moments as my mind wanders over some idle thoughts.

The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was
Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

I dreamed once of seeing an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

Did you hear about the butcher who backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work?

No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.

If a homeless dog gave birth to puppies near the road, would it be cited for littering?

Two silk worms had a race.  They ended up in a tie.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

Would a short fortune-teller escaping prison be a small medium at large?

A backward poet writes inverse.

Don't join dangerous cults: Practice safe sects!

And on that odd note, have a great week everybody, and please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—AtP.

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