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Today, The Free Choice E-zine looks into the origins of a unique anthology: LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION, with some of the behind the scenes people who worked on this volume.

Cover by Douglas Klauba
“In early 2015, we learned that New Pulp writer/editor/publisher Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions was suffering from congestive heart-failure,” said Airship 27 Productions' Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “Tommy is a relatively young man, but this is a dangerous condition that threatened not only him, but his entire family. Almost immediately after Tommy made the news public, several members of the New Pulp community began putting their heads together to see if anything could be done to help the Hancocks.
“When Jaime Ramos first proposed the idea of doing a benefit anthology, I immediately brought in my partner,” continued Fortier, referring to Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis. “There was no way this was going to fly without Rob handling the book’s overall artwork and design. After securing Tommy's blessings, we then posted an ad on Facebook explaining the project and seeking submissions from both writers and artists.  “It was always our intention to do this as a traditional pulp tome, and thus artwork would be a major element in the final product.”

Original rally poster
Within 48 hours after posting his recruiting ad, Fortier had received 57
commitments from various New Pulp writers while 36 artists in the field signed on to do the illustrations. But much to Fortier's surprise, and delight, the very first creator to volunteer his assistance was Douglas Klauba, who volunteered to paint the anthology’s cover once the book was assembled. “Honestly, I was in shock,” Fortier confessed. Doug is an amazing artist. One of the finest in the field, and his offering to do the cover was very much an omen that we were about to put together something truly unique.

“Yet at that point, we also had to publicly closed the admission call,” admitted Fortier. “It was crazy. Fifty-seven stories in just two days! Some of the most popular New Pulp writers and artists in the field were all volunteering their services. Even with a word limit of 4000-8000 for each tale and only 1 illustration per story, Rob and I began to realize just how giant a book this was going to be. Of course there were naysayers who warned us we’d never get all of the tales. They were right. We got 62 stories instead!”

With the project underway, Fortier read each entry and assigned it to an artist for one black and white illustration. Jaime Ramos acted as his assistant editor, proofing each story afterward. Unfortunately, months into the project Ramos, who suffers from diabetes, found his own health in jeopardy and was forced to sideline himself with only have the stories done. What looked to be a major set-back was averted with writer/editor Todd Jones, a protégé of Fortier’s, volunteered to take on the task of finishing the proofing.

And so, after months of ups and downs, Airship 27 Productions released LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION. A giant treasure chest of some of the finest New Pulp fiction ever produced in an 830 page collection. Representing the varied genres of pulp tradition with tales of horror, mystery, horror, suspense, pirates, fantasy, private eyes, crime-busting avengers and westerns, and more!

Back cover list of contributors
“Rob and I kidded during the long months of production that we had everything kind of pulp tale imaginable, save for a romance story. Then in the final days before the deadline of story submissions, we were sent a romance. No lie!” quipped Fortier.

LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION was released right before Christmas 2015, with ALL profits earned by this amazing book going to Tommy Hancock and his family to help pay medical and other life expenses.

“It means a lot when someone says they are thinking of you or praying for you when things are hard, especially when you’re looking at what might be the end of your life,” said Tommy Hancock. “I can’t put into words what over a 100 people did to help me and my family, saying ‘We are here. We are thinking of You. We want to catch You at least a little bit.’ That means a LOT to me. The writers and artists involved, Ron and Rob, and all the people now promoting the book, a book that they get nothing from except the knowledge that they have helped someone. And that someone is me, a person who is usually on the other side of something like this. This is so humbling and perhaps the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION is available in both print and Kindle editions from

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