Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The following is an editorial.

Let's face it folks, even in these more "enlightened" times, the female of the species still gets the proverbial short end of the stick in many ways.

Less pay for at least the same amount of work as their male counterparts, accompanied with a higher degree of difficulty to break the legendary glass ceiling for promotions...

Attacks on their health and reproductive rights...

Even attacks on women in general out of total ignorance or the mistaken belief that they are the "inferior" gender...


A woman's place is not just in the home cooking meals, raising the existing children while producing more.

There are famous women past and present (Malala Yousafzai, Ida B. Wells, Sally Ride, Ada Lovelace, etc;) but without more support from both their own gender and the male of the species, how strong and confident will the ladies of the future be?

There has been a serious, but very misguided mistake in many countries, INCLUDING the United States of America to "turn back the clock" to more simpler times with less women's rights, and it would take a lot more space than this simple editorial post to explain just how wrong that is!

But just like in many other causes, one person cannot do it alone.

PLEASE... take the time to not only treat the ladies in your life correctly, but to help educate and build confidence in our youth to show the girls of today that they are not "lesser" than anyone else, but that they can be the leaders and pioneers of the future as well!

The above was an editorial.

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