Saturday, July 29, 2017


*In memory of Charlie Gard, a life taken way too soon.
*Following the example of Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has authorized police in that country to shoot suspected drug dealers without trial.
*North Korea’s latest “saber rattling” promises a “nuclear response” if attacked, before conducting another "missile test". (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Vasily Nebenzya as the new Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations.
*Even more ice of Antarctica is about to break free!
*Because of the current Italian drought, Pope Francis has ordered the Vatican fountains turned off until further notice.
*Microsoft will soon stop updating the traditional “Paint” program because it is now part of “Paint 3D”. While originally planning to end the program outright, “Classic Paint” will still be available via their App Store. (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Adobe plans to stop updating and distributing “Adobe Flash” by the end of 2020.
*The Rolling Stones will soon be recording their first new album in 12 years.
*Chris Froome has won the 2017 Tour de France of professional bicycling.
*Jordan Spieth has won the 2017 Open of professional golf in England.
*Could there be water on the moon???

*Sadly, bombs are still the terrorists’ primary weapon of choice.

*Legendary voice actress June Foray (Natasha Fatale and Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Cindy Lou Who in the animated version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and way too many other credits to list them all)
*Original Marvel Comics staffer “Fabulous” Flo(rence) Steinberg has passed away.

*Is President Trump allowed to publicly shame anyone who doesn’t support “Trump Care” and the repeal of “Obama Care”?
*Is President Trump also turning against Attorney General Jeff Sessions???
*In another reversal of previous President Barack Obama’s administration, President Trump has decided that no transgender personnel can serve the United States military forces. And what does this “decision” have to do with his proposed border wall??? (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*President Trump has announced Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly will be White House Chief of Staff, replacing Reince Priebus, but can his administration withstand any more drama??? (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*So, what is and isn’t true of late??? Or, in other fake news... (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*The Senate decided to continue debating the possible futures of “Obama Care” and “Trump Care”.
*At the start of his brief return to the Senate before beginning anti-cancer treatment, John McCain voted for the debate to begin, then criticized Congress for not having already accomplished their objective of replacing “Obama Care” with “something better” after the current version of “Trump Care” was officially rejected. Despite House Speaker Paul Ryan's offer of "help"in the end, they decided “repeal only” to be non-viable. (There are 4 separate links in this item.)
*So, unable to replace the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obama Care", what do Republicans do now?
(There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Yet, why are people FOR the Affordable Care Act and against "Obama Care" when they're the SAME law???
*Concurring with the Senate, the House of Representatives has voted to enact tougher sanctions against Russia for past transgressions, including their possible involvement in the 2016 Presidential election. But President Trump isn’t happy his control over the sanctions has been limited. (There are 3 separate links in this item.)
*Further sanctions have also been imposed against Iran and North Korea for their respective weapons programs.

*Size DOES matter! At least on airplanes.
*Michael Kors has entered into an agreement to buy Jimmy Choo Shoes for $1.2 BILLION US Dollars.

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