Sunday, June 2, 2019


Trying to behave is a lost cause for me!
Hello Everybody! Waxy Dragon here!
Right now this baby dragon has the whole house to myself because Bubblehead, the person I (babysit, should mind) live with, is outside trying to cut the grass.
That is, if he ever gets the lawn mower started.
I'd think he'd be better off renting a goat๐Ÿ to eat the excess grass than using that contraption he's had since the Washington Administration.
George Washington, that is.
Then again, it'd probably be easier just to go out and start cutting the grass with a pair of scissors.✂
Sure, you'd only be able to cut one blade of grass at a time, and it may take Bubblehead (no, that's not his real name. After all, who names their kid "Bubblehead"? I'm just trying to protect the guy.) the rest of the day just to cut a foot or two, but at least he'd have better control over what does get cut compared to the goat who would eat everything if given the chance.
Kind of like me, only I know the difference between food and trash. The goat doesn't.
But Bubblehead wants to mow, yet I don't think he even makes a decent Curly.
Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, since I'm all alone at the moment, let's see what mischief fun we can have together.

The GREAT stuff!
If I only knew where Bubblehead is hiding keeps the Bulgosian Dark Chocolate.
The problem is, not only does he move it to another location whenever I discover where it is, but security around that wonderful chocolate is tighter than what's guarding the plot to the next Star Wars movie.
Besides, he counts EVERY SINGLE SQUARE of each bar!
Just because I have a sweet tooth and would eat it all up the first chance I get?
I think he needs a better reason than that.

Found plenty of other stuff, especially vegetables, but what's the fun of eating vegetables when you don't have to?
I did think about throwing all the vegetables away while Bubblehead's outside, but he'd just run out and buy more.
Again, WHY? He's the only one who willingly eats the stuff!

However, I did find the joke book Bubblehead's writing at the moment.
Want to hear some of them?

I planned to work out and have a nice body this summer, then I remembered I like food much more than I like people.
Waxy's rendition of Bubblehead

Me, Myself, and I had an argument.
Now I am not talking to Myself!

If you talk to yourself and you're rich, people consider you eccentric.
If you talk to yourself and you're poor, people consider you crazy.
But if you talk to yourself and have a cellphone, you can fool everybody!

You know, I may joke about the guy a lot, but I do like Bubblehead, and it is getting lonely here in the house all by myself while he's outside.
Maybe I'll go out and offer to help him.
Then again, the last time I tried to help Bubblehead cut the grass, he had to call the fire department.
Guess I'll go play some video games instead.

And on that note♫, have a great week everybody and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—wd.

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