Monday, November 30, 2020


 With all the political🗹🗹🗹 and pandemic😷 posts of recent weeks, I never got the chance to mention that my latest creative endeavor is now available within the pages of SHERLOCK HOLMES, CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 16 from Airship 27!😀

Featuring the creative talents of
*I. A.—no known relation to Doctor—WATSON's "The Adventure of the Anarchist's Apprentice" (Who's raging havoc and destruction on London?)
*GREG HATCHER's two short stories "The Adventure of the Disappearing Diplomat" (a race against time to save Mycroft and a foreign dignitary) and "The Adventure of the Man Who Died Twice"  (did a widow really lose her husband twice?)
*ROB DAVIS' interior art, cover (based upon an illustration from the Italian adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four), and formatting
*Along with MY NOVELLA "The Adventure of the Unimaginable" (can Watson solve a mystery alone when Sherlock's on holiday?)

Who could ask for anything more between the covers of this amazing volume?
The book is out now via Amazon in PRINT or KINDLE E-BOOK format.

HOPE YOU ENJOY EVERYONE'S HARD CREATIVE WORK, and thanks for allowing me this brief bit of self promotion.

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