Sunday, January 31, 2021


 Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here!
As you can see by the picture, it isn't great weather in my neck of the woods right now.
Hasn't gotten out of the 20s since the middle of last week and there's more snow in the forecast for this coming week! 😝
Of course, except for missing the holidays, I've always thought bears🐻 had the right idea about winter, but let them snooze away in their cozy dens.
I still get fed every day in a nice warm house.😍
Now if only you people would perfect indoor plumbing for canine use... 😞

So, while I finish my "business" and head back inside, here are some great jokes to amuse you...

Everyone was worried and complained about the year 2020, but hardly anyone has said anything about this year so far. I'm just as worried about this year, if not more so, than last year because now that it's 21, can you imagine how much more difficult it will be to contend with a drunk year?

Where do old years go, anyway?
Wherever 2020 went, I hope it gets locked up and the key is thrown away so it can't escape!

A wife asked her husband: "Why did you put up a canopy in our yard with bright lights and funky music?"
His reply was, “Now is the winter of our disco-tent."
Get down. Get funky! 😉
Why do some people insist “They didn't teach that in school"?
They probably did, but you weren't paying attention.

Light is faster than sound, which is why some people seem bright until they speak.

And now that I'm back in my nice warm house, I'll share my business with you...
Buy low, sell high.
The "Sew What" Tailor Shop will leave you in stitches if you try to rush their work.
"Many Happy Returns" never has processed a bad tax filing.
And "Pioneer Parachute" will not open until after the pandemic is over.

On that note♫, have a great week.
Take care.
And please be back here again, for...
February 2 will be the annual reposting of our GROUNDHOG'S DAY SPECIAL and next Sunday, I'll be teaming up with Piper D. Katt for our annual football🏈 riff in honor of the "big" game, right here on the Sunday Funnies!AtP.

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