Sunday, June 16, 2024


Hello Everybody!

Today you have both Piper D. Katt AND Koda Canine here as we celebrate FATHERS' DAY!

That's right Piper and considering what our specialty is, where do Dads get their jokes from?

I don't know Koda. Where do Dads get their jokes from?

From a Dada Base.

So on that note♫, it's joke time!

While it's great when men try to help out around the house, you know they're behind schedule when a pair of summer shorts get stuck to the Velcro of their winter coat in the laundry.

Child: “Do you know what Dad said after he cut his finger?”
“Leave out the dirty words,” the Mother cautioned.
Child, thinks about it for a second then says: “He said nothing.”

When Dads try to tell jokes, are they really funny or some kind of pun-ishment?

Teacher: "What does your father do for a living?"
Student: "He's a mime."
Teacher: "Oh? Is he good at his job?"
Student: "I don't know. He never talks about it."

A child, carrying a really big book📗 asked, “Daddy, why is this book so thick?”
The Dad replied, “It’s a long story.”

Teacher: “How old is your dad?”
Student: “Six years old.”
Teacher: “How can he only be six years old?”
Student: “He wasn’t a dad until I was born.”

So on THAT note♫, remember: being a father is just a matter of biology.
Being a DAD takes time and effort, along with a lot of love and caring.

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to those celebrating! Have a great week and Piper will be back solo next weekend with more Sunday Funnies!PDK and KC.

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