Monday, March 9, 2009


I have received lots of comments wondering what happened to the Sunday Funnies feature yesterday.
I intentionally skipped posting it this week to prove a point: that the world needs laughter and less stress!
So with that in mind, I propose the first Sunday in August (this year it will be August 2nd) to be (Inter)national "Don't Worry!" Day.
Granted, there is no way that we can or should totally avoid our troubles.
It is definitely best to face them head on and resolve the issues as soon as possible instead of putting them off until they become even greater problems than they originally were.
But there is also absolutely no reason why we cannot heed previous musical advice.
For "Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot", so "Don't Worry. Be Happy!"
Therefore, I hope everyone across the country, if not around the world, takes at least a brief mental vacation from the worries and stress around us. To kick back, stop and smell the roses, appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon, and all the other cliches I do not have the room to repeat right now.
After all, if Mad magazine can initiate National Gorilla Suit Day...

And yes, this IS a legitmate suggestion!

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