Saturday, March 21, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: MARCH 15th-21st, 2009

Spring has sprung, although the weather in some spots does not support that fact.
College basketball fans are well in the grip of March Madness.
Michelle Obama is overseeing the first produce garden on White House property since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden during World War 2, with everything the White House kitchen does not use to go to a local soup kitchen.
President Obama made a faux-paux on his Tonight show appearance, but has apologized since. Then again, his election as President of the United States was not based upon his comedic skills.
Congress is still debating the budget and other matters of state.
Some economic groups are now warning consumers about companies that are willing to refinance your debt, check your credit scores, and/or offer help obtaining a stimulus check.
AIG is in serious trouble with the Federal Government yet again, but what action(s) can be enacted against them remain to be seen.
And in Sante Fe, New Mexico: what was supposed to be a time capsule buried in 1960 to celebrate the 350th anniversary of founding the city and scheduled to be opened in 2010 as part of Sante Fe's 400th anniversary has been found. While many were uncertain of where the capsule was supposed to be buried, it has been discovered that over all these years, the empty shell was sitting in the basement of a building being used as a recycling bin!

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