Friday, March 13, 2009


With February only having 28 days, except during Leap Year, the first 28 of March always coincide with the previous month, so this is the second Friday the 13th of 2009.
But there will be a third this November, an unique situation which only happens once every eleven years.
Yet fear of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia) dates back far beyond recorded history; although fear of Friday the 13th itself is actually known by either the term Paraskavedekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia.
Of course, if you're like me and not much of a horror movie fan, then today does not do much for a cinema buff either with all those sequels and remakes.
Yet why do most tall buildings not officially have a thirteenth floor? Nor is there a gate 13 at most airports, train stations, bus depots, etc.
So if you believe in numerology or are just plain superstitious, be careful.
Otherwise, the rest of us will see you tomorrow.

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