Thursday, March 19, 2009


Whether or not they are actually fans of college basketball, people everywhere are pouring over statics, examining their instincts, or whatever "works" to fill out their bracket predictions for the 2009 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament, commonly known as March Madness; in hopes of winning the office pool or whatever wager they care to place on the outcome.
The classic bracket arrangement has the bettor listing their top 20 teams in order, but then collecting points for each win based upon the reverse order of placement on the list. So the first place team earns 20 points per win while the last place team 1 point for each game they survive.
It is the total number of points earned by the end of the championship game, if not sooner, that declares a winner in the bracket game, for even if a team gets higher than a list's prediction, they still earn the bettor points as long as that team is active in the tournament.
So theoretically you do want to place who turns out to be the more successful teams at the top of your list.
With that in mind, and a shout out to all my friends back home (HEY ROLAND!, KENNY, etc.)
here are my predictions for this year's NCAA tournament:

01. North Carolina
02. Kansas
03. University of Connecticut
04. Pittsburgh
05. Wake Forest
06. Memphis
07. Villanova
08. Oklahoma
09. Louisville
10. Michigan State
11. Purdue
12. Missouri
13. Xavier
14. Duke
15. Gonzaga
16. Arizona State
17. Marquette
18. BYU
19. Utah, and
20. Syracuse

Now, out of all the years I have been participating, I have only won once.
Of course we are only risking $5 each with the winner taking the pot.
But it should be pointed out that this is a minimal risk and one that I can afford to take since this is about the only bet I place on anything throughout the course of the average year.
Yet more active gamblers should never risk more than they can actually afford to lose.
And those with a gambling addiction should seek help before there is even more at risk.

But with all the hype over these games, how come that much attention is not paid to the NCAA WOMEN'S College Basketball Tournament, which is held in tandem with the men's contest?

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