Monday, December 21, 2009


"Solstice" A poem by Nancy Hansen

Today the light grows shortest
And the darkest hours long
I think I'll light a candle
For the year is almost gone

Another season of promise
Another harvest past
And a whole new set of priorities
Replace the old at last

Some see this as a somber time
When winter winds do chill
But I see in dark the return of light
Because the sun still crests the hill

It's a matter of perspective
You can focus on the gloam
Or see the light that comes at night
When your loved ones are all home

And if you have no one to love
Nor a special little nook
There are plenty out there needing you
If you take the time to look

Give of yourself and you will see
What you offer, is what you reap
You can have warmth thrice returned to you
When the winter snows lie deep

For the solstice teaches patience
And to have a caring heart
The brightest lights shine from within
When the world is cold and dark

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