Saturday, December 19, 2009


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*After much debate and negative attack (ads) from the various groups against the idea, the Senate has passed their version of a Health Care Reform bill to present to President Obama to consider signing into law. The exact contents/details are not completely known at this time.
*Meanwhile, Senator Joesph Lieberman came under scrutiny earlier this week when he backed out of supporting the proposition that Medicare coverage be extended to those between the ages of 55-64 because it would be a financial drain upon the program. The Free Choice e-zine applauds that, especially as a reminder that even the President has said that he will not sign any bill that endangers Medicare and/or Medicaid, or drastically increases the national debt. However: how come the gentleman from Connecticut did not offer a counter proposal to resolve that issue?
*And the idea of Health Care Reform has certainly had its detractors from Day One. The group mentioned in last weekend's news roundup has changed its parody image to avoid legal action from the Geico Insurance Company. But if you could take all the money that has been spent against Health Care Reform...

*Winter Storm Albert bears down on the New England area of the United States.
*The United Nations sponsored Climate Conference concluded in Copenhagen with the promise of financial aid to the poorer countries to help combat the effects of global warming and set new guidelines to try and curtail carbon emissions, there was no protocols established to enforce those guidelines.
*Disneyland has announced the scheduled return of the Captain Eo featurette, staring the late Michael Jackson, at their park in February 2010. Although it debuted in 1986, the attraction has not appeared in any Disney facility since 1998. No official word has been given for the planned return.

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Nancy A. Hansen said...

I have to agree with you Lee. How sad that those who are doing the persistently negative campaigning against ANY kind of health care reform won't take the time and money spent so heavily on advertising against it and invest it in helping those without health care benefits. Then perhaps we wouldn't need a government solution after all. I keep hearing from certain quarters how the private sector is going to step up to take care of the situation. Yet when I ask what have you done to help the uninsured... dead silence. I suspect for such people that 'out of sight, out of mind' is the real answer. May they be so fortunate as to find out how hard it is to get good health care when you have nothing to pay for it with.