Sunday, May 9, 2010


Sunday is Mother's Day, whereupon we honor our maternal parent; so appropriately, we have a MOTHER'S DAY themed Puzzle Corner for you.

Can you name the TV shows that featured these mothers?

01. Margret Anderson
02. Lucille Bluth
03. Angela Bower
04. Jules Cobb
05. Claire Dunphry
06. Florida Evans
07. Kathy "Kitty" Forman
08. Mary Jenkins
09. Ann Romano
10. Donna Stone

We'll reveal the results next weekend. But for now, let's peek into THE ANSWERS BOX for the correct responses to our SUPER HERO QUIZ from last weekend.

01. The Metropolis Marvel: SUPERMAN
02. The Amazon Princess: WONDER WOMAN
03. The Dark Knight: BATMAN
04. Ol' Jade Jaws: THE HULK
05. The Wall Crawler: SPIDER MAN
06. Carrot Top (not the prop comedian): ARCHIE ANDREWS of Archie Comics
07. Mrs. Fantastic: THE INVISIBLE WOMAN of the Fantastic Four
08. Shellhead: IRON MAN
09. The Emerald Warrior: GREEN LANTERN (not Green Arrow, who is sometimes called the Emerald Archer)
10. The Fastest Man Alive: THE FLASH (regardless of who is in the costume)

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