Saturday, May 22, 2010


*Full details are sketchy since this tragedy happened just this afternoon, but an Air India flight crashed in Margalon, leaving only 8 survivors.
*The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues, as tar balls begin to wash ashore upon the Florida Keys and President Obama has appointed an investigator to examine how the incident happened.
*A finance reform bill has passed through the Senate. Now it will be compared/contrasted with the House of Representatives version to present one unified version to President Obama for his approval.
*The state of Texas has approved changes to their educational curriculum for the upcoming school year. But instead of updating, the current administration says they are undoing the 'skewed agenda' of the past state legislatures, since the educational policies come under review only once every 10 years. Changes include referring to America's government as a "constitutional republic" instead of a democratic government; downplaying the importance of the civil rights movement; and requires students in the higher grades to "evaluate the efforts of global organizations, such as the United Nations, to undermine the sovereignty of the United States as direct threats to individual liberties and freedom"!
*After the Roman Catholic Church rescinded its decree of heresy, the remains of 16th century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus has been reburied with full honors. The original verdict was because he claimed that the Earth revolved around the Sun instead of the other way around.
*Major League Baseball began the first round of Interleague play for the 2010 season this weekend, with many matchups featuring "crosstown" rivals.
*This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man video game. Google is celebrating the event with an interactive (PLAYABLE!) Pac-Man based logo on their home page and this weekend's Puzzle Corner below features a video game themed quiz.

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