Saturday, May 1, 2010


*It's Free Comic Book Day in the United States of America.
*The 136th running of the Kentucky Derby horse race, the first leg in the annual Triple Crown competition was held today. "Super Saver" won at 2.04.45, two and a half lengths ahead of the next horse. It was close between the next two to cross the finish line, but "Ice Box" placed and "Paddy O'Prado" showed. (Second and third place; respectively.)
*This year marks the 45th anniversary season of the Houston Astros baseball team.
*April 28 marks the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew, based upon the initial release date of the first book to feature the teen detective: Mystery of the Old Clock.
*After an explosion on an offshore oil platform, a huge oil slick is threatening the Louisiana shore line. Clean up efforts are under way, but are hampered by current weather conditions on the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, British Petroleum officials are participating in recovery efforts while trying to downplay the negative publicity resulting from the situation.
*According to the Associated Press: In New York City this past week, a homeless man saved a woman from being attacked at the cost of his own life. Alfredo Talegadia of Guatemala could have been saved if someone would have been a good Samaritan in return. But video surveillance footage proves that many walked past his prone body, thinking him either drunk or asleep. A sad statement about not just the citizens of New York City, but humanity in general.
*The CEO and other executives of Goldman Sachs were called before Congress to testify this week as the investigation into the financial situation continues.
*Although the Obama administration says that their economic recovery plans ARE working, but "it takes longer to clean up a mess than to make it", all the public seems to be aware of is just the unemployment situation, despite a recent MSNBC poll that says about 85% of those surveyed realize that the current problems facing this country are a result of the previous administration.
*With a cameo in Sylvester Stallone's upcoming movie The Expendables this August, some pundits are wondering what will be next for Arnold Schwarzenegger after his current and last term as governor of California ends.
*Former President George W. Bush has announced that his presidential memoirs, entitled Decision Points, will be published this November. Former First Lady Laura Bush also has a memoir due for release before the end of this year.
*Sony Electronics is ending production of the 3.5 floppy disc.

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