Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's the Labor Day weekend here in the United States of America, where we celebrate our labor force. But instead of tackling that subject, The Puzzle Corner has decided to let the hard working stiffs of the world keep their much deserved weekend off (for those who actually get to celebrate it) and instead ask a few brief questions about the PRIME TIME EMMY AWARDS.

01. Who has won the most Emmys for performing the SAME character on DIFFERENT shows?
02. Who has won the most Emmys for performing the SAME character on the SAME show?
03. What show has won the most Emmys, period (to date).
04. Who can claim Emmy wins for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and Best Guest Actress in a Comedy, though obviously not for the same role and/or series. NOTE: Sadly, no Actor can claim the male equivalent of this distinction.
05. What show has the most Emmy wins as the best drama?

We'll open the envelopes and reveal the results next weekend. But for now, let's peek into THE ANSWERS BOX and solve the problems from our SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKS! Quiz from last weekend.

01. Although the principles were explained in other songs, Multiplication Rock! never produced songs honoring the numbers 1 and 10.
02. The first lesson of Grammar Rock! aired was "Conjunction Junction".
03. America Rock!, teaching United States history, joined the curriculum in 1975 in time for the bicentennial of the United States?
04. Science Rock! was added to the lesson plan in 1979.
05. Although the shortest subject because of the ever changing technology field, Computer Rock! debuted in 1983 with what two recurring characters? SCOOTER COMPUTER AND MISTER CHIPS.
06. Sadly, the series went off the air for a while starting in 1985, but when it returned in the early 1990s, it gained a mascot to introduce the segment. Who was this character? Schoolhouse Rocky, who was dressed in a modified version of the costume from "My Hero Zero".
07. With the series revival, MONEY ROCK! was introduced amongst the original episodes and new lessons in Grammar Rock!
08. Sadly, the series went off the air again in 1999 and has only been on DVD (and YouTube) since then. What new subject was covered in a straight to DVD release in 2009? EARTH ROCK! about earth sciences.

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