Saturday, September 11, 2010



Today is the ninth anniversary of the worst unnatural disaster in human history.
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have galvanized the world, drawing reactions from every corner of the globe on every possible aspect surrounding the inhumane cataclysm.

The administration of then United States President George W. Bush failed to get today officially declared a national holiday, although many celebrate Patriots Day now.
There is no denying the ground swelling of national identity and pride, even to the point of altering this country's money, as evident by the back of the new Abraham Lincoln penny replacing the image of that famous president's memorial with the new Union Shield.

Yet have some quickly forgotten the suppression of personal rights and freedoms under the belief of establishing homeland security?
Is going through an airport to catch a flight any easier today than it was five years ago?
Can anyone justify the feasibility of the "no bid" defense contracts?
Have the critics who think the Bush administration seriously mishandled the desert war situation by going after Saddam Hussain instead of pursuing the apprehension of Osama Bin Laden changed their minds?

In the end, does any of the above even matter?


They say time heals all wounds, and maybe it is a tad too soon in some respects.
Yet if not now, when?

The Pentagon has been repaired.
New York City is rebuilding.

Should America, or any country, forget the tragedy of this day and let their guard down?
But should America, or any country, live in the past, ever fearful of what tomorrow might bring?
Again, NO!

In his weekly radio address earlier this Saturday, United States President Barack Obama commented upon the situation.

"This is a time of difficulty for our country. And it is often in such moments
that some try to stoke bitterness — to divide us based on our differences, to
blind us to what we have in common. We do not allow ourselves to be defined by
fear, but by the hopes we have for our families, for our nation, and for a
brighter future."

Or in other words people, IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON!

The terrorists of September 11th never officially represented all of those who practice the Islamic faith.
The people who propose burning books or are against what building goes where do not represent all of Christianity.
Why should those on the fringe making the most noise get all the attention?

Why can't we just all get along peacefully?

We're all individuals.
Race, creed, religion, etc.; vary from one person to the next.
The United States of America was founded upon embracing those differences.
They are an integral part of what makes us strong.
They are what makes us human.
What makes us free.

Or in other words people, IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON!

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