Saturday, September 4, 2010


As has been our wont of late, we start with the latest from the Gulf of Mexico...
*British Petroleum officials are currently hauling to the surface the damaged blowout preventer that failed for government inspectors to examine.
*The relief well is expected to intersect with the existing well sometime next week at the earliest.
*The oil platform that exploded off the Louisiana coast Thursday was west of the troubled BP platform and owned by Mariner Energy. The rig was off line for routine maintenance at the time of the explosion. The 13 man crew was rescued with only minor injuries.

*After threatening North Carolina, Hurricane Earl headed northward, dumping rain and winds upon the rest of the upper Atlantic border states of America, but is slowly dying out and is now a dying tropical storm.
*Tropical Storm Fiona is expected to follow a path similar to Danielle and just be a hazard to navigation in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.
*Gaston was unable to maintain tropical storm status, but weather analysts are keeping an eye on the system in case it reforms.
*Typhoon Kompasu hit the coast of South Korea Thursday, leading to 3 deaths and the disruption of local and international travel for a while.

*A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck New Zealand late Friday night. While there has been a lot of property damage with some injuries, there are no known deaths at this time. A nightly curfew has been established for the affected area as damage assessments and clean up efforts begin in earnest.
*United States military combat troops have pulled out of Afghanistan. The remainder of the peace keeping forces are expected to leave by late Spring of 2011.
*Today marks the 25th anniversary of the molecular phenonemon commonly known as the "Bucky Ball".
*The much awaited video game Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released in 2011 for the XBox 360, PS 3, and personal computers.

*Zach Nash won a Junior Golf Tournament in Wisconsin, but then reported himself for disqualification upon discovering he accidentally had more clubs in his bag during the game than the rules allowed. The Free Choice E-zine applauds his sportsmanship!
*The U.S. Open tennis tournament continues this weekend at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York.

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