Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello Everybody. Your Editor-In-Chief of this fine E-zine Lee Houston, Junior here with you today. This is the Labor Day weekend here in the United States, so the ladies on our staff: Ms. Waxy Dragon and Autumn the Puppy both have the weekend off to be with their families.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to once again share a little humorous Americana and relate some of the beloved Burma Shave poems of the past to a new generation of readers.

And for those who came in late, A Burma Shave poem would be a collection of signs along a roadside from the mid 1920's to the early 1960s that all ended with the words BURMA SHAVE.

Some, like the following. were advertisements for the shaving cream products the company produced.

No matter how you slice it
It's still your face
Be humane
Your face do save
Use Burma Shave

Others, like the one below, offered driving advice.

Big mistake
Many make
Relying on horn
Instead of brake.

Sadly, as the presence of Inter-state highways and the speeds upon them increased, the signs decreased until they were just fond memories. But at their height in popularity they were inspiration to others, including this gag from the 1952 Warner Brothers' cartoon Rabbit Seasoning, where Daffy Duck posted the following signs in order to lure Elmer Fudd to Bugs Bunny:

If you're looking for fun
You don't need a reason
All you need is a gun
It's Rabbit Season!

And occasionally, the Burma Shave company even poked fun at itself.

Listen birds
These signs cost money
So roost a while
But don't get funny!

And now, since school is now back in session for the year, here's an appropriate one for all you drivers out there.

At school zones
Heed instructions
Help to save
Our tax deductions!
(A reference to the children)

Sadly, we're out of space
So come back to this web place
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