Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's a winter's day, in a deep and dark January; and I'm in a musical mood.
So sing with me and find the key as we stay warm with a few mind teasers during this brief (American) TV musical quiz.

01. What was the actual title of the theme song to The Greatest American Hero?
02. Who sang "The Unknown Stuntman", the theme song to the TV series The Fall Guy?
03. What TV theme song includes reminisces about Glenn Miller and Herbert Hoover?
04. Although mostly played during the course of the series as an instrumental, what TV theme song was entitled "Suicide Is Painless"?
05. Based upon the Billboard charts of record sales and radio play, what was the most successful (American) TV theme song of all time (to date)?

Tune in next weekend, same Puzzle Corner time, same Puzzle Corner website, for the results.
Meanwhile, let's peek into THE ANSWERS BOX for the results of January 15's Puzzle Corner.

The musical duo of Kix and Ronnie are more commonly known by their last names: Brooks and Dunn.

So since there's a lot of shoveling involved with WINTER anyway, amongst the letters in that word you can find I, in, it, inter, net, new, nit, rein, rent, rite, ten, tin, tine, tire, win, wit, writ, (and) write. Other words besides the 18 listed might be possible.

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