Saturday, January 8, 2011


We are a full week into the new year, and amongst the events that have happened around the world...

*United States Investigators are seeking a court order to require Twitter to reveal all account information, including users' data and private messages, of WikiLeaks' account with the instant message company. Some feel similar actions may soon be pursued against the besieged company with Google and Facebook, if not already in progress.
*A series of package bombs, all sent from a singular postal zone, have been appearing across the Washington DC zone, comprised of the nation's capital and its surrounding areas. Authorities are confident of catching the culprit(s), but are not saying when or how.
*Although the main Health Care Reform Act is still under attack by Republicans, United States President Barack Obama has signed into law the 9/11 Emergency Workers Health Bill, granted those affected from their rescue efforts extended benefits.
*Ten year old Kathryn Gray of Canada has been accredited with discovering a supernova all by herself!
*Spain now has a country wide ban on smoking in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.
*Andrew Wakefield's claim that autism is linked to the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine has been declared false by the British Medical Journal.

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