Thursday, May 19, 2011


While The Free Choice E-zine has every intention of running a full report on the recent Pulp Ark 2011 convention attended by our esteemed Editor-In-Chief, unfortunately we have run into a few unscheduled delays on the matter.
The return trip from Arkansas to home was a nightmare and an adventure worthy of the original Mission: Impossible television series, but the fault for that lies squarely upon the shoulders of Delta Airlines.
Meanwhile, personal and professional commitments have kept him from devoting the full time and attention the matter deserves to complete the article at the moment.
The Free Choice E-zine itself IS on schedule, and our regular weekend features (The Puzzle Corner, The Week In Review, and The Sunday Funnies) will appear on time.
But the Pulp Ark report has been delayed until next week.
Again, our most sincerest apologies.

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