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May 14, 2011.
Saturday night in Batesville, Arkansas saw the inaugrual Pulp Ark convention continue with the first annual Pulp Ark awards.

Art Sippo

Art Sippo accepted the Life Time Achievement award on behalf of Tom and Ginger Johnson.
Adam Lance Garcia won for Best Pulp Revival with his book Green Lama Unbound; while Gregg Taylor won Best Book for his novel: Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins. That novel also won Best Pulp Cover for artist Anthony Perkins.

Rob Davis, left and Ron Fortier

Ron Fortier won Best Pulp Comic for his Boston Bombers graphic novel.
Meanwhile, Phil Bledsoe won Best Short Story for "The Mountain Goats of Madness".

Barry Reese

Barry Reese won Best Author of the Year and accepted the award on behalf of Anthony Castrillo for Best Interior Art for The Rook, Volume 5.

Tommy Hancock

Tommy Hancock accepted on behalf of Fuller Bumpers and himself the Best Pulp Magazine award for Pro Se Press' Masked Gun Mystery; where Ken Janssens' Aloha McCoy; Hugh Monn, Private Detective by yours truly, and other features got their start.
Tommy also won the Best New Pulp Writer of the Year award and did his best to keep from getting emotional.
Derrick Ferguson taped the awards ceremony and posted it on YouTube, so you can see for yourself whether or not Tommy succeeded in his quest.

The Pulptress
 Now some of you might be wondering who the mysterious lady in the red and white stripes is.
This unknown femme fatale is The Pulptress, and can be seen throughout pulp web sites, as well as having her own page on Facebook.

There was also an art auction that night. The audio of that event can be found within episode 127 of The Book Cave at but unfortunately I cannot show you the pictures of what I bought because as of May 25, 2011 it has yet to arrive.
In any event, Day 2 ended, most of us wound up retiring for the night at the same hotel, so it was quite a while before any of us did call it a night since we all hung out and just talked for a while.

In the next installment of this report, we reach the final day of the convention, and afterwards, I'll post photos I took during my sojourn to Arkansas that were not germaine to the main report but are still interesting.

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