Monday, May 16, 2011


My apologies for the lateness of this post. It has been a heck of a time at the 2011 Pulp Ark convention and when I got back to the motel room (late) Saturday night, I needed more sleep than I thought. I thought I would only be going down for a short nap, but I slept straight through until my alarm Sunday morning.
But now, without further adieu...

Amongst events happening around the world this past week were:
*Residents of Louisiana and Mississippi are watching and waiting to see how bad potential flooding along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers might be. Flood gates have been opened along the rivers to attempt easing the situation.
*The civil unrest in the Middle East continues. Yemen is on the verge of joining Libya and Syria as serious hotbeds of "contention".
*The flood waters along the Mississippi River have crested in Tennessee, although states further south are still nervously watching the river rise.
*Astronomers are excitedly watching the skies this month over the impending conjunctions of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter; followed shortly by Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Then on the last three days of this month, the waning moon will sweep past all four planets in the morning sky.
*The Microsoft Corporation has bought Skype for $8.5 US Billion Dollars.

*For those who may have missed our updated post on the subject last weekend, Magic Kingdom won the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby.
*The first round of Interleague play in the 2011 Major League Baseball season begins this coming weekend.

*Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger have separated after 25 years of marriage.
*The last original episode of the syndicated Oprah Winfrey Show is scheduled to air May 25th.

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