Saturday, February 25, 2012


With the Oscars scheduled for tomorrow night to honor what is considered the best the film industry has to offer, let's look back at previous ceremonies with this Oscar quiz.

01. Although this distinguished performer was nominated EIGHT times, he never won a Best Actor award!
02. What year was the very first Academy Awards ceremony held?
03. What movie won Best Picture that year?
04. What three awards from that very first ceremony have NOT been presented since?
05. What was the very first musical to win the award for Best Picture?
06. Do you remember what movie won the award for Best Picture last year (2011)?
07. What year was the first televised Academy Awards ceremony?
08. What movie won Best Picture during that broadcast?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's open the envelopes inside THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results of our FAMOUS FIRSTS PRESIDENTIAL QUIZ from last weekend's Puzzle Corner.

01. To have previously served as Vice President?
John Adams, during the George Washington administration.
02. To serve without a Vice President?
James Madison, from April 10, 1812 to March 4, 1813.
03. To hold the office as an Independent? (And yes, it has been done.)
George Washington, for he never declared any political alliance, except to the fledgling United States of America itself.
04. To hold the office as a Democrat?
Andrew Jackson.
05. To hold the office as a Republican?
Abraham Lincoln.
06. To be born in the United States? (After it became an independent country.)
Martin Van Buren. While everyone before him was considered a citizen, he was the first born on American land after the United States won its independence to be a country unto itself.
07. To not be born within the continental United States?
Our current President, Barack Obama, hails from Hawaii, although the Republican Party tries to convince people otherwise.
08. To physically live in the White House?
This unfortunately is a trick question. While technically this honor is considered John Adams', for he and his family took occupancy while the White House was still under construction, officially Thomas Jefferson was the first to occupy the structure during his entire administration.
09. To work in the Oval Office? (The West Wing, where it resides, was a later addition.)
William Howard Taft.
10. To remarry while in office?
John Tyler
11. To ever have his photograph taken?
This is another trick question. John Quincy Adams was the very first, but it was as a former President. James Buchanan is the first to be photographed IN office.
12. To ever use a telephone?
Rutherford B. Hayes. But Calvin Coolidge was the first to actually have a phone at his desk. Hayes made and received his calls from the White House switchboard.
13. To ever speak on radio?
Woodrow Wilson, predating Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous weekly "fireside chat" radio addresses.
14. To ever appear on television?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, during a demonstration of the device during the 1939 World's Fair.

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