Thursday, February 2, 2012


Autumn the Puppy
Ms. Waxy Dragon


Hello Everybody! You lucky Free Choice E-zine readers have both Autumn the Puppy AND Ms. Waxy Dragon with you here today for our Groundhog Day 2012 coverage. Take it away ladies.

AUTUMN: As keeping with tradition, anxious spectators gathered around the abode of  Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania this morning for the 126th annual Groundhog's Day weather prediction.
WAXY: And Mr. Groundhog did see his shadow, so it's allegedly six more weeks of winter.
AUTUMN: Geez, one look at any calendar could have told them the same thing. Spring starts March 20.
WAXY: I know, and Dragons are a lot more accurate in such things as weather forecasts, since we can fly about and look at conditions all over the world.
AUTUMN: Well, I may not have the frequent flyer miles you do, but one good sniff of the air tells me the same thing.
WAXY: And not all the other weather forecasting animals agree with Phil.  Charles G. Hogg, also known as Staten Island Chuck, didn't see his shadow at his zoo residence, so that's allegedly six weeks of nice weather and an early Spring.
AUTUMN: Well, Phil's family has been at it the longest, but I must admit to liking Chuck's forecast better. I guess it's a question of where you are, because General Beauregard Lee in Georgia and Buckeye Chuck in Ohio failed to see their shadows too.
WAXY: And there are other animals across the country and the world that make such forecasts, but not all of them agree with each other either. Of course a lot of people say the only time a weather forecast is 100% accurate is after the fact, but at least this gives us a nice excuse for a holiday and the day off.
AUTUMN: Err, Waxy... Nobody actually has the day off. This is just an event on the calendar, like Wednesdays. Groundhog's Day is not an actual holiday.
WAXY: It isn't? Do we even get paid for doing this gig today?
AUTUMN: I'll have to get back to you on that one.

And there you have it folks.
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