Sunday, January 27, 2013


This is The Free Choice E-zine's 1001 post on the Blogger web-hosting system!
This establishment was originally called "The Alternative", and started out life as a both a print and online news source by a group of college students as a class project.
Over time as they graduated with their respective degrees, the group decided to continue their endeavors as strictly an online operation, renaming it The Free Choice E-zine somewhere along the way before I first joined the staff as a contributor back in 2005.
While I do clearly remember that we had broken 1000 posts before, unfortunately our past server's parent company abruptly closed on us back in August 2008, deleting our entire archives in the process.
Quickly scrambling to find a new host site, we settled upon Blogger, with our first post dated September 5, 2008. While The Sunday Funnies and The Puzzle Corner continued on from there, we have since added The Week In Review feature on Saturdays to supplement our news coverage, and are always looking for new features and ways to improve this E-zine.

But despite all the hard work of our staff, we would be nowhere without you, our loyal readers. The Free Choice E-zine has had two straight months of over 2000 monthly page views as part of five straight months (six in our Blogger history, to date) of over 1000 monthly page views; which is just a small token of over 25,000 career page views thus far.
So what does the future hold?
There is no doubt of breaking 26,000 page views by Spring and 1100 posts by this Summer.
Beyond that?
Let's see what the future holds together dear readers. And if you would like to comment or contribute, just e-mail us at

Lee Houston, Junior
Now Editor-In-Chief of The Free Choice E-zine

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