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I bought this book solely upon the author's synopsis: Dracula has been killed and the remainder of the clan, gathered to investigate his murder, find themselves the next targets.

Granted, not an unique plot in the mystery genre, but the first time (to my knowledge) the scenario had ever been applied to vampires.

Author William Massa acquitted himself well with this novel. I was thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end, especially since the bulk of the action occurred realistically in just one day. There was a wide variety of personalities represented by the investigating vampire clan, and it's a shame more time couldn't have been spent with Angelique, Coraline, and Julian, the former priest. Yet while the whole cast was believable, Vincent was the "star" of the novel, and the one suspect at least the reader knew was innocent. If Hollywood ever comes a'calling, I can picture Hugh Jackman in this role.

I must admit that as an avid reader, I did foresee the main event of Chapter 9 before it actually happened, although to Massa's credit, I didn't figure out who the mastermind behind it all was until after Chapter 15 because I honestly didn't think it could be <?>.

While I won't spoil the solution, my only quibbles with this novel is that while Massa did establish a viable motive for the killer's actions (always a good thing in any mystery), a little detail into HOW the guilty party was able to accomplish everything would have been nice, and Massa did kind of write himself into a cliched corner with the remaining innocent bystander.

Overall, a good read and worthy of being in any Kindle; but be warned, while not a "mature" or "gory" book, this is not a "Scooby-Doo" type mystery either. At a strong PG-13, people and vampires do die.

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