Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Cover art by Jeff Hayes
The Free Choice E-zine contributor Nancy A. Hansen has a new release out from her Pro Se Press imprint: Hansen's Way.

Windriders of Everice features a new cast of characters within another part of the shared realm featured in her previous books Fortune's Pawn, Prophecy's Gambit, Tales of the Vagabond Bards, and The Huntress of Greenwood.

The small, mountainous realm of Everice is crumbling, both physically and financially. Queen Astrea struggles to hold on to her throne in a time when the harvests are lean, the countryside seethes with unrest, and fell creatures are coming through the major pass they must guard. The light of her life is dead, and Astrea's new consort is a bold schemer with plans for radical change. Her eldest child, the crown Princess Neoma, is far more interested in horses and swordplay than politics and intrigue. 

But an almost empty treasury means little coin to spare toward the upkeep of Neoma's dwindling stable. While the stubborn young woman still envisions Everice someday having a mounted contingent, of what practical use are cavalry in such rugged heights? 

Desperate to honor her beloved father's memory, Neoma strikes out on her own to find some way to make their once mutual ambition a reality. She will stop at nothing, including seeking out a heretical monk who collects items of enchantment; though accepting his counsel will force her to choose a path beyond familial honor and duty. Along the way, Neoma finds a brand new purpose in life as the leader of an aerial brigade, and watches her motley group of misfit and outcast youngsters become a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Windriders of Everice is now available in both print and e-book formats from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You will believe a horse can fly!

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