Saturday, August 29, 2015


*Tropical Storm Erika has already claimed at least 20 victims. People and craft in its path through the Caribbean are advised caution!
*The Hawaiian Coast is bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Ignacio on Monday, with Hurricane Jimena following close behind.
*Britain and Iran have reopened their respective embassies in the other's country.
*North and South Korea managed to peacefully defuse recent tensions.
*Some International stock markets are in a state of flux over concerns about the Chinese economy, after banks there have lowered the interest rates and minimum balance to maintain an account again. Meanwhile, the Panasonic Corporation has announced it will stop making ion-lithium batteries in Beijing, costing China 1300+ jobs.
*Although stating he is unaware of any actual spying, United States President Barack Obama has formally apologized to Japan after claims that the US has spied on Japanese politicians.
*Scientists think they might have discovered the "off switch" to cancer cells!
*Before their next elections September 20th, Greece has its first female (although interim) Prime Minister.
*A new Parliament will be seated in Singapore after the September 11th election there.
*Poland is preparing to explore the suspected site of a lost Nazi "gold train" from World War 2.
*The war in Donbass between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists continues.

*Malaysia has found the remains of 20 people in a mass grave near the Thailand border. The deceased are suspected victims of human trafficking.
*There is a strategic, International effort underway to flush ISIS/ISIL forces out of Syria.
*France has presented the quartet responsible for foiling a would be terrorist attack in Thalys the Legion d'honneur medal.
*ISIS/ISIL recruiters were arrested in Spain.

*Singer Mariem Hassan, known as the Voice of the Sahara, has taken her last bow on life's stage.
*Civil Rights Activist Amelia Boynton Robinson has passed away.
*Famed trauma surgeon Doctor James "Red" Duke is no longer with us.
*Reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward of WDBJ-TV, assassinated on air by an ex-coworker.
*Racer Justin Wilson has passed away from his injuries sustained at the Pocono Raceway Sunday, August 23rd.
*Famed crossword puzzle creator Merl Reagle is no longer with us.

*Although stating he is unaware of any actual spying, United States President Barack Obama has formally apologized to Japan after claims that the US has spied on Japanese politicians.
*Despite the fact that all their claims and "evidence" have been proven FALSE, Congressional Republicans are still threatening another government shutdown unless the Planned Parenthood organization is completely defunded and abolished.
*President Obama and former President George W. Bush were in New Orleans this week to observe the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and marvel at the recovery efforts there. While there are very few who question whether or not the President has managed to keep all his 2008 campaign promises concerning helping the Katrina victims out, there is no doubt as to how badly the Bush administration fumbled things while in charge.
*Meanwhile, it is suspected that there might be people still living within those toxic FEMA trailers from Hurricane Katrina.
*Former Secretary of State and current Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been found NOT in violation of any policies concerning private e-mails, especially in light of the fact that there currently is no policies covering the situation.
*New Mexico's Secretary of State Dianna Duran has been charged with 64 counts of fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.
*The man responsible for the 2012 mass murder at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater has been sentenced to 12 consecutive life sentences and an additional 3000+ years in prison for all the innocents he killed.
*Hawaii will soon be oil and gas free as the islands concentrate on using only renewable energy resources!
*That same county clerk in Kentucky is still refusing to issue any marriage certificates, especially to same gender couples.
*Wal-Mart has announced they will soon stop selling AR-15 assault rifles, allegedly due to "sluggish customer demands". WHY did they ever start selling such a dangerous weapon in the first place???
*While there were no questionable images on the specific item, a school has banned a little girl from using a Wonder Woman lunch box as part of its crackdown against fictitious characters who use violence to solve problems.
*Avid Life Media's CEO is stepping down in wake of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal.

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