Wednesday, May 4, 2016



The Free Choice E-zine operates basically on a shoe string budget, when we can afford to buy the
The above is not any attempt to solicit funds, just part of the explanation.
Sunday morning (May 1st) we attempted to get online to post that week's Sunday Funnies column featuring hostess Waxy Dragon, only to discover that our computer died!

After some scrambling, replacement parts, serious system updates, and a few well chosen curse words along the way that will NOT be repeated in a public forum, I am happy to report that The Free Choice E-zine is back on line!

Waxy's missing column will be posted at a later day, for the May 8th Sunday Funnies will be both her and Autumn the Puppy together to salute Mother's Day.

Meanwhile, our next post (above this one if you're reading them in chronological order) will be spotlighting May the Fourth Be With You/Star Wars Day.
Our regular features (The Puzzle Corner, The Week In Review, and the Sunday Funnies) will return this weekend as scheduled.

Again, our most sincerest apologies and thanks for your continued support of this E-zine.

Lee Houston, Junior
4 May, 2016

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